Pegasus News Announces Partnership with CBD Research Firm iSum

Pegasus News, a Dallas-based online newspaper, is proud to announce its most recent partnership with CBD research and online medical magazine iSum. The partnership, beginning on Monday, May 6th, 2019, will allow for the syndication of content published on iSum throughout all web properties owned by Pegasus News, its subsidiaries, and affiliates.

James Reed, founder of iSum, says the following: “We’re extremely excited to be announcing our partnership with Pegasus News. This partnership will allow for us to increase the reach of the content that we publish, which ranges from the best CBD gummies to our recommended CBD products to alleviate pain. With the recent rise of the CBD market, there have been countless firms trying to capitalize on the craze with low-quality, potentially harmful CBD oil tinctures. Recently, when testing for our CBD vape oil comparison, we found a firm whose products tested positive for dextromethorphan (DXM). Despite this, their products were highly praised by websites and companies who were paid heavy commissions on each sale they referred. This is the kind of dishonesty that our medically-cited CBD research and reviews hope to uncover and expose, while at the same time ranking the best products in their respective categories. The end goal being to be a resource to allow consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions when navigating through the daunting world of CBD.”

Mr. Reed, along with the rest of the content curation team will be working on content exclusive to the Pegasus News network. This includes four unique clips per month published on our YouTube channel, as well as weekly commentary provided on the Pegasus News podcast. Additionally, we will be partnering with the iSum team to provide localized content to readers in Dallas in an attempt to bring clarity to the cloudy CBD industry.

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